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General Questions

Anyone who belongs to the ESSEC community can use all the applications available in the MyESSEC Apps service.
From day one of system activation, professors (permanent or adjunct faculty), alumni and staff will have access to all the MyESSEC Apps tools. 
There is no need to request the creation of an account. 
Following activation, any new member of the community will automatically be added to the list of users and will not need to make a request for an account.

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  • How do I open a MyESSEC Apps account ?
It is not necessary to request an account be opened. Each ESSEC community member automatically benefits from access to MyESSEC Apps.
You can log in on the page without any extra authentication. 

The first time you log in, you will have to accept the terms of service.

  • How do I log in ?

You can access MyESSEC Apps via 

On the homepage, there is a block reserved for MyESSEC Apps at the right of the screen. 
When you log in for the first time, you must accept the MyESSEC Apps terms of service. 

The block before the terms of service have been accepted: 

After accepting the terms of service, MyESSEC Apps can be accessed directly from this block:


  • How do I access ?

You can access from the following address:
You must log in to access

Your username will depend upon your status:
  • For students, you have a unique B0xxxxxxx username and a corresponding password.
  • For faculty and permanent staff, use the same username/password that you use to access your computer (in general, this is your name).
  • Temporary or external staffexternal lecturersMDE staffalumni and visitors are assigned a B0xxxxxxx username and password. 

If you lose your password: 
  • Alumni can retrieve it at
  • All others should contact the Help Center (sosdsi@essec or 
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  • What applications am I authorized to use ?

 Eventually, all MyESSEC Apps users will be able to use all Google Apps applications. The following services will be made available to them:


 Please note that at this time email is only available for students who enrolled in August 2009 as well as for External Lecturer and Alumni who do not have an address.

Email will be deployed progressively for everyone starting in September. You will find the migration outline here.

See also: 

Email transfer 
MyESSEC Apps Homepage 

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  • Do MyESSEC Apps tools replace existing tools?

MyESSEC Apps provides you with new tools that can complement or replace the ones you already use. These tools create more possibilities to work collaboratively and can, therefore, make your work easier and increase your efficiency in certain cases.

Of course, you may keep all the office software you currently use (word processor, spreadsheets, presentation program, email application) as well as applications provided to you by ESSEC (TiPis, Reports, etc.).

Here are a few examples of innovative user options :

For documents : a single version of a document can be shared (instead of sending an attachment by email) and several people can work simultaneously on the document (real time changes can be seen by all parties).

For calendars: quick creation and sharing of shared calendars (for a project, a class, etc.).

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  • Will my shared documents remain confidential ?

Data security and confidentiality have been essential criteria for choosing Google Apps to install MyESSEC Apps.

Google guarantees security and confidentiality.

 Your documents remain confidential; only users to whom you give rights will be able to access them.

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  • Where can I get help using MyESSEC Apps tools?

You can consult the online help centers available from the service provider, Google.

The Best Practices site contains a Help Center that describes the main functionalities and uses for the MyESSEC Apps tools in the ESSEC context.

 If you cannot find answers to your questions at Google or at the Help Center, contact SOS DSI: or 3200 (

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  • Who should I contact if I cannot access MyESSEC Apps?

For any problem accessing MyESSEC Apps software, contact SOS DSI: or 3200 (

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  • How long will my MyESSEC Apps account last?

For Students and Alumni, your MyESSEC Apps account has no time limitations, and your will remain a lifelong address.

For other members of the Essec community, your MyESSEC Apps account will be valid for the entire time you are with ESSEC.

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  • How can I change my password?

Currently, it is not possible to change the password assigned to your B0xxxxxxx account. However, we are working to make this service available to you as soon as possible.

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