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  • What will happen to my address?

All addresses you are currently using will remain active.

A new email address will also be created for all users of the ESSEC community. This address will be in format where B0xxxxxxx is your only username. As soon as your is operational in MyESSEC Apps, we advise you to make it your main email and to use it with your contacts.

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  • Can I have an address that is easy to remember instead of

 At your convenience, you can decide to diffuse your alias to your contact : your current address or can, therefore, simply be replaced by your address. Your alias is available at the same time as your account with no extra effort on your part.

If you are a student or an alumni, your alias will take the form

Note that for students : this alias corresponds to the format of your current alias and that for alumni, the alias corresponds to the format of your current alias


If you are faculty or a staff member, the alias will take the form Your alias corresponds to the format for your email.

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  • When will I be able to use my email?

MyESSEC Apps mail will be rolled-out progressively. 

For students enrolling for the first time at ESSEC after August 2009 : 

Your main address is automatically
You already have access to your MyESSEC Apps email. 

For members of the ESSEC community that do not have an email address : 

Your is active. 
You already have access to your MyESSEC Apps email. 

For members of the ESSEC community that have an email address

Currently, you cannot consult your email using MyESSEC Apps. 
Your main address remains your email for the time being.

 During September 2009, you will find the transfer scripts for everyone here as well as an automatic migration calendar for students. In the event that emails will be sent to your address before your migration, they will be automatically transferred to your email.

If you want to change your mail right now, see How to change email and use MyESSEC Apps (without retrieving my previous messages)?

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  • How to change email and use MyESSEC Apps (without retrieving my previous messages)? 
If your main email is your address (see question : When will I be able to use my email?), you can now choose to use the MyESSEC Apps email (or the alias) to replace your address. 

All new messages sent to your address or to your address will be available in MyESSEC Apps (or in the email application that you will be able to configure thereafter - see : How can I access my emails using an email application?).

Beware, your old messages will not be transferred ; they remain available in your current mail application (webmail, Eudora, Outlook, etc..). Only messages received after the change will be available in MyESSEC Apps. 

Follow the steps detailed below (see presentation) : 
  1. Disable in Apps MyESSEC Apps the automatic transfer to your mail 
  2. In webmail, activate the automatic transfer from your messages to 

Thereafter, you can always revert to the previous configuration. In this case the mails received in MyESSEC Apps will not be migrated. The responsability for any emails which need to be recovered will be yours.

See also: 

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  • How can I use my alias to send messages?

Your MyESSEC Apps email is configured by default to send emails from your email. If you would like your sending address to be one of your aliases, please follow the following steps:


  1. In the MyESSEC Apps email, click on “Settings”
  2. Click on “Accounts”
  3. Request the addition of another address
  4. Enter the new address with your Alias. Fill in the facultative option of another responding address with your alias as well (your contact will receive an email from the alias and will respond to the alias).
  5. The application will ask you to accept, you will send a check code that you type in.
  6. The new address has been registered. Go back to “Accounts”. The new address will appear; select the “By default” option for this new address.


Description of using an alias : -------- presentation under construction ------- 




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  • How can I access my emails using an email application?

To access your emails using your usual email (Outlook, Eudora…), your email must be enabled (See  When will I be able to use my email? ).

You have three possible options : 

  • Make a simple transfer from your email address to the email address you use currently (see “Forward”). Your current mail will continue to be your main email address. You do not use the address for your reply. You must log in to your current address to retrieve mails
  • Use your current tool as unique tool for your email address Your messaging tool is configured with the POP settings of MyESSEC Apps. The emails are then stored on your hard drive. They are no longer present on the MyESSEC Apps server and therefore are no longer available on MyESSEC Apps. You are no longer subject to the limits of server storage MyESSEC Apps. However, you are solely responsible for backing up your mail. 
  • Stay with your current email application and profit from the additional MyESSEC Apps functionality. Then configure IMAP. The messages are stored on MyESSEC Apps server, but they are also accessible via your mail tool. You can either work with your mail tool or with MyESSEC Apps, and any modification made in one tool is automatically transferred to the other (deletion, moving, sending). So you keep your current messaging tool, but all your emails are accessible from any computer with internet access via MyESSEC Apps. Your messages are stored on the server MyESSEC Apps, so their backup is ensured. You can store up to 7.3 GB of data (limit will increase). 
    See IMAP SETTINGS for Outlook and Thunderbird

 Beware : the ID you must use is (you have to use the part), even if you use another ID to access 

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  • How can I retrieve my old messages using MyESSEC Apps?

No general transfer of emails that you may have stored in your current email (webmail, Eudora, Outlook, etc.) to MyESSEC Apps email has been planned.

Migration scripts for archives will be offered here along with the migration scripts.

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  • I already have a personal Gmail account. How can I link it to my MyESSEC Apps account?

MyESSEC Apps email is a service provided by Google, but MyESSEC Apps is independent of your personal Gmail account. 

You can continue to use both your accounts separately, but links can be made between your personal account and your MyESSEC Apps account. 

If you would like to centralize your emails in MyESSEC Apps, and thereby consult emails from your personal email in MyESSEC apps, you can: 

establish a transfer from your Gmail to your MyESSEC Apps (see Transfer)


create a MyESSEC Apps account corresponding to your personal Gmail – See the Creating an account demo 

If you would like to consult your personal Gmail calendar in MyESSEC Apps, simply share your personal Gmail calendar with your MyESSEC Apps account ( – See Share your calendar 

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  •  Can I insert images into a message body ? 

Yes, but you must activate an additional module in the mail MyESSEC Apps.

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