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A new look for Google Reader !

posted Nov 4, 2011, 9:18 AM by b00316636@essec.edu
Discover the new Reader design, and the Google+ features. Reader users are now able to enjoy the following improvements:
  • A new look and feel that's cleaner, faster, and nicer to look at.

  • The ability to +1 a feed item (replacing "Like"), with an option to then share it with your circles on Google+ (replacing "Share" and "Share with Note").

Integrating with Google+ also helps us streamline Reader overall. So starting today we'll be turning off friending, following, shared items and comments in favor of similar Google+ functionality.

Please do send  your feedback on today's set of improvements. Google+ is still in its early days, and Google is constantly working on improvements. If, however, you decide that the product is no longer for you, then please do take advantage of Reader's subscription export feature. Regardless where you go, we want to make sure you can take your data with you.