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Google + for Professors and Staff

posted Nov 4, 2011, 8:31 AM by b00316636@essec.edu
How can Google+ help educators and faculty?
We’ve developed a number of tools that aid you in teaching, connecting, and searching.

Hangouts let up to ten people enjoy a shared video conference, at no charge. Use this space for anything from collaborating with colleagues all over the world to holding foreign language labs with several students.
  • Hold office hours with groups of students without having to traipse across campus in a snowstorm.
  • Bring speakers from around the world to your class without having to pay for a flight or arrange difficult logistics.
  • Give off-campus lectures without actually heading off-campus.
  • Keep up with campus life by posting a public Named Hangout to check in with students.
  • Share your screen and Google Docs on Hangouts with extras.
  • You can even join Hangouts from your mobile phone.

Photos & videos
  • With your permission, your Android phone can send photos that you take on your device straight to your private web album on Google+, ready to share as you see fit.
  • Post photos from your conferences and talks in real-time.
  • Share Study Trips best moments
  • Have students take photos for a marketing exercise
  • Find and share relevant videos on YouTube, to prepare for a course or stir up reactions

Circles make it easy to organize your online world by putting different people in their own groups.
  • Put your PA101 accounting students in one circle, department colleagues in another, grant and research folks in another – then easily post different updates to each Circle.
  • You can create as many Circles as you want and change (or abandon) any of them whenever you want. If you post something to someone in two circles, they only receive it once.
  • Instead of printing handouts, share info with students through Circles created for each class. Conversations on your stream are archived, so you can share them later with new students.
  • Create Circles of other professionals working on relevant research topics to stay current with ongoing work in your field.
  • Stream Your Google+ Stream is where you publish updates, photos, links, news and events. It’s also the place to see all the posts that people in or out of your Circles have shared with you. Google+ lets you easily select the sources of your Stream.
  • Encourage students to comment on content you’ve shared to foster class engagement on topics of interest.
  • Finish the discussion you started in class by posting an update to all or some of the students in your stream.

  • Type your search term into the Google+ search box, and your results will include Google+ public posts (including your own), trending topics from the web, and people (whom you can add to your Circles).
  • Stay current on trending topics. Search for “occupy” and find some of the latest news, links and pics about the financial sector protests.
  • Follow interesting people. Find an old classmate from your PhD program or an expert you’ve never met; connect with them both.