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Google + for Students

posted Nov 4, 2011, 8:38 AM by b00316636@essec.edu
  • Hangouts let up to ten people hang out in a video chat together, at no charge, using the shared space for anything from study sessions or club meetings to just hanging out together watching a late-night movie.
  • Promote your band by giving impromptu concerts via Hangouts.
  • Avoid test panic: use Hangouts with extras to post a public named Hangout “PA110” to see who’s up and start an impromptu study session at 2 a.m.
  • Hangouts with extras let you share your screen, notes and Google Docs. This makes study group note-taking much easier!
  • And yes, you can join Hangouts on your mobile phone.
Circles make it easy to organize your online social and academic lives.
You can now put your dorm friends in one circle, family in another, and your Sociology project team in another.
  • Post different updates to each Circle. One minute share your views on a reading to your “English 100” Circle and the next minute share photos from Sevilla to your “Study Abroad” Circle
  • You can create as many Circles as you want and change (or abandon) any of them whenever you want. If you post something to someone in two circles, they only receive it once.
  • Create a Circle of high school friends so that you can keep in touch. Keep the banter going even while you are far away.
Instant Upload
Wouldn’t it be cool if the instant you took pics they got beamed straight to a private web album? Google+ can do that. With your permission, your Android phone can send your pics and video straight to Google+ the instant you take them, ready to share right away or later as you see fit.
  • Take photos for your art class and immediately share them.
  • Post photos from campus group events in real-time.
  • Revolutionize reporting for the campus newspaper or magazine with instant reporting and live caption contests.
  • Messenger When you need to connect with a group, all at once, hassle free, use Messenger to have a simple group chat on your mobile phone.
  • Lost friends at the tailgate party? Messenger helps you all easily reconnect before kickoff.
  • Stream Your Google+ Stream is where you publish updates, pics, links, news and events. It’s also where you’ll see the posts, photos, videos, links or check-ins that people have shared with you.
  • When you are studying abroad, scroll through the stream to stay current on what is happening back on campus.
  • One of your friends making one thousand too many posts about their frat each day? Block their posts from your stream.
Type what you’re looking for into the Google+ search box, and your results will include your own posts, trending topics from across the web, and people (whom you can add to your Circles), all at the same time.
  • Find experts. Search “journalist” to find reporters to follow.