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Refreshed documents list

posted Feb 2, 2011, 2:40 AM by b00316636@essec.edu
A refreshed documents list is currently being rolled out making it more useful to find, explore and share items. Here are some of the changes:

- New filters in ‘More options’ making it easier to narrow your search by type, visibility state and other criteria.

- A new preview panel on the right side of the document list showing a preview thumbnail, sharing settings and more. If the file is a video, you can start playing it directly from the preview panel or from the recently announced video player.

- To make it easier to view photos, you can now click on the magnifying glass on a photo to open a full screen slide-show viewer.

- A new view called ‘Home’. The contents of the ‘Home’ view are controlled by you so that the content you access the most often is easier to get to. You can remove files from the ‘Home’ view by right clicking the file and selecting ‘Don’t show in home’ to hide them. And when you need them, these files can always be found later by selecting ‘All items’ or using search.

- ‘Folders’ have been replaced by ‘Collections’ in the navigation bar. Collections are designed to combine the best features of labels and folders. A file can live in multiple collections, just like with Gmail labels. Collections can also be stored hierarchically, just like folders on your desktop. And of course, collections can be shared, just like you can share docs.

- Instead of checkboxes to select multiple files, you can now use your ‘Shift’ or ‘Control’ (Cmd on Macs) keys.